Physics Entertainment

Online Games.  We won't get to these in class

LUNAR LANDER - Have what it takes to be an astronaut?

WONDERPUTT - Forces. Momentum. Inertia. Rotation. Friction. Rainbows. So. Much. Physics.

ELECTRIC BOX2 - Solve the world's energy crisis in this ideal conservation-of-energy mind-bending puzzle set

For those with a more disposable income and discerning taste

All of the below are links to STEAM

POLY BRIDGE ($12, Early Access) - Why did the car cross the road?

UNIVERSE SANDBOX 2 ($25, Early Access) - Everything at your fingertips

BESIEGE ($7, Early Access) - Build your ultimate medieval dream machine

A little different.  More of an experience than a game

GRAVITY POINTS - Black holes don't suck.  They totally pull

COLOR PERCEPTION - Rumor has it that Mr. Ho's high score is 22 25

INSPIROGRAPH - Sometimes we all need a little help drawing something fantastic